The Great Anti-Sex!

Finger detangling. What is it? In a sentence, the longest process of your natural hair life.

It is a beautiful thing that I am sure prevailed before prime evil entered the world and the comb was born. Back when time was abundant and every second of a persons day wasn’t accounted for. The problem is now when my day looks like…

  • wake up
  • gym
  • shower, dress
  • wake kids
  • nappy change x2
  • pack everyone’s bags for the day
  • drop kids at school
  • work
  • traffic
  • fetch the babies
  • cook dinner
  • bath and bedtime for babies
  • eat dinner
  • fall asleep exhausted in front of the TV while the littlest one suckles my breast in her sleep.

The process of finger detangling can become a dreaded and tedious task, but it must be done to preserve the sanctity of my hair! (And my sanity because I put in so much effort to keep it moisturized and protected that I can’t possibly risk breaking it all with a rough detangling session).

The unintended consequence however of my commitment to tail bone length hair in 10 years (#TailboneInTen) is that when my darling husband eyes me from across the couch and has all the grace of a leopard eyeing his tasty prey. I, on the other hand, have to press pause on the heat and be like,

“Sorry baby let me just finish detangling  this section, wash my hands – they’re too oily – and grab my silk cap.”

Sometimes the wait builds the anticipation but most times he is instantly deflated because he knows if he crosses the hurdle of waiting for me to finish detangling “this section”. Then the baby will rouse from her sleep and require some nipple soothing (which is a total heat killer!) Eventually he will probably fall asleep to the sound of TV programmes starting and ending while I actually finish detangling my whole head which can take 2-3 hours sometimes depending on how thorough I am trying to be.

So what is finger detangling called in my house ladies and gentlemen? The Great Anti-Sex.

How to Finger Detangle
otherwise known as the “Great Anti-Sex”

For some awesome tips on how to finger detangle check out:

Benefits of Finger Detangling | Hair Advice


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